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Related article: Date: Sat, 14 May 2011 00:34:06 -0400 (EDT) From: DOGG Subject: African HouseboyAFRICAN HOUSEBOY 24 year old African born Garikayii Yocum worked as the daytime host in a well known 4star international hotel chain in South Africa. He was responsible for registering guests, accommodating their needs, and making their stay as overwhelmingly pleasurable as possible. Garikayii had been responsible for getting everything from limousine services to escorts. One of the hotel's most valued customers was Erick Manning, a 45 year old Caucasian man from the United States, and the founder and CEO of his own computer software company. Garikayii knew he was a rich and powerful white man from the first time he came through their hotel with his beautiful, but snobbish wife Francesca, (who was half his age). Garikayii made sure to cater to their every needs, arranging for limo service, restaurant reservations, masseurs for the lady, champagne, fresh cut flowers, and complimentary his and hers greeting baskets. Erick Manning always tipped very well, even if he always seemed a tad distant and distracted with his blackberry and busy schedules. Upon his last trip to South Africa, Garikayii greeted Manning at the front desk with his biggest, brightest, most pleasant smile. Manning (fumbling with his blackberry and briefcase) tossed his Goldcard on the counter very casually. "Good afternoon mister Manning, sir..., it is good to see you again!" said Garikayii in his best American accent. "Will mrs Manning be joining you this trip...?" he asked politely while typing in his access codes. "Misses Manning...?" questioned Manning, distracted. "...oh, uh..., no...I'm alone!" he said, absentmindedly. "Mrs Manning is busy in Aspen, boning her aerobics instructor, I'm sure!" informed the business man, somewhat sarcastically. "Oh..., I'm uh..., sorry to hear that, sir. Would you like your usual suite...?" asked Garikayii, trying to look indifferent, not wanting to further embarrass his customer. "Yes." answered the businessman, sending out an important email back to his home office. Garikayii typed in the necessary information, asking Manning how long did he plan to stay this trip? "uh..., just over the weekend...: said Manning, thoughtfully. "...I have a very important meeting later this evening..., then I'm speaking at a convention hall Nn Preteens tomorrow night...! I'll be leaving sometime Sunday morning!" "Two days. Yes sir!" smiled Garikayii, keying in the information. "Here is your credit card and your electronic key..." he said, passing off the items as Manning stuffed the credit card back into his wallet. "...is there anything else I can do for you...?" he asked politely, signaling for the bellboy to take up Manning's suitcase. "Yes..." answered Manning, "...I'd like a prompt 5pm wakeup call, as I have an important dinner reservation at 7. Would you be able to do that...?" "Absolutely sir! No problem mr Manning!" said Garikayii gladly, typing in the command. "I will make the call personally myself! And if there is anything else you need from me to help make your stay here more pleasant, feel free to ask for me personally! My name is Garikayii, Gari for short!" smiled the attendant. "Okay..." said Manning, pulling $20 from his wallet and passing it to the attendant before following his luggage up to his room. Garikayii pocketed the large bill (which would go far in his country), and wondered what more could he do to please the rich American and make him tip him more money before his stay was over...? Taking the elevator up to the top floor, he allowed the bellboy to let him in, then gently place his suitcase on the floor near the bed. Manning tipped the young man with 5 American dollars, then proceeded to unpack and run his bath water (in a 72" x 42" tub) before taking a much needed nap. A complimentary African flower arrangement garnished his room, as did a complimentary bottle of wine and a cheese & fruit basket from the hotel staff. The view from the balcony was spectacular, overseeing the bustling city below. But Manning rarely got the chance to enjoy the beauty and comforts of the expensive hotels he stayed in, --that was his wife's job. Manning tossed his suitcase onto the bed, then began to take off his business suit, starting with his jacket and tie (which he folded neatly across the back of a lounging chair), then walked into the lavish bathroom and began placing his personal items (colognes, tooth paste/brush, shaving kit, etc) along the sink's counter. While the bathtub filled, he walked back into the bedroom and began to undress, kicking off his Armani shoes and taking off his gold watch and placing it gently on the nightstand with his wallet and blackberry. As he unfastened his belt he began to think about his wife Francesca, and the photographs his private investigator took of her fucking her aerobics instructor at his expense during one of her so called `exercise classes'. Manning had had the feeling that his younger wife had been cheating for months. He knew he was busy and always gone on some business trip, meeting with powerful men and making important deals. He knew he was leaving his wife home without much to do. He had hoped she would fill her time with shopping, spa appointments, afternoon luncheons, and frivolously spending his money. What he had not intended was her fucking every young strong man she came in contact with from her instructor, to the buff handsome gardeners. Manning took off his pants, underpants, socks, and undershirt, then poured himself a glass of champagne, cut the cheese, and headed towards the bathroom for a nice long relaxing bath in the hotel's luxurious hot tub. It was then that he realized his suite only had 2 towels, so he called down to the front desk and asked to speak to Gari, the hotel attendant "Yes, this is mr Manning in suite P2..., could you have some towels sent up to my room immediately...?" "Yes sir! I'll be right there, sir!" said Garikayii, filling the order himself. Manning submerged Nn Preteens himself in the hot water, soaking his tired body as he laid his head back against the padded wall and allowed the hot bubbles shooting out from the steam jets to massage him all over. For the slightest of moments the world seemed to disappear as the heat caused his body to tingle and sting all over. After 5 minutes of uninterrupted bliss, he began to drift off, falling asleep. Garikayii gently knocked on the suite door, when he got no answer he used his employee passkey to enter the room... "Hello..." he called, peeking inside. "...mr Manning...? I have your extra towels..." he said as he eased into the suite. The living area looked undisturbed as Garikayii made his way into the bedroom. "Hello...?" he called again, walking through the open doors to find Manning's wallet and gold watch unattended. Garikayii stared at the items as he thought about how much money he could get from selling Manning's watch...? Surely his family could live well for a few years off of what he could get from that off the black market...! Wandering into the bathroom, he found mr Manning slumped down in the hot tub, asleep. "uh...SIR..." he called aloud, waking the tired man. "...are you alright...?" "oh...ur, yeah, yes..." said Manning sitting Nn Preteens up, slightly embarrassed. "...I'm fine..., just had a long flight..., and the hot tub just took me down for a few minutes, is all...!" "Yes sir..." smiled Garikayii, placing the extra towels on the counter. "...you DO KNOW that half of Nn Preteens all bathroom fatalities happen whilst one is asleep in the bathtub..., don't you sir...?" questioned the attendant, folding his hands in front of him. "Yes..., I'm aware...!" said Manning, turning off the bubbles as he began to get out of the tub. Garikayii couldn't help stealing a peek at Manning's naked body as he reached for a towel and began to dry himself off. Manning stood about 5'11", 170lbs with a medium well defined build for a man his age. His hair was black with speckles of gray along the temples. He was clean shaven with a stern expression (which often made people avoid him whenever possible). His body was hairy, especially his dense chest, arms, legs, and crotch. And his limp cock lay low over his hairy testicles, looking like some unripe fruit hanging from a hairy vine. The hotel often had a lot of white foreign guests from many countries from around the world, but rarely did Garikayii actually get to see many of them naked in their room. He had heard stories of some of the hotel staff had made a lot of money catering to customers sexually. Garikayii didn't believe Manning was homosexual, but perhaps he could him find a female suitor for the night...? After all, the man was traveling alone... Manning noticed Garikayii looking, but didn't ask why. He also didn't bother to cover himself immediately, allowing the young African to get an eyeful before strutting back into the bedroom. Immediately Manning's eyes focused in on the nightstand (where he had left his wallet, watch, and Blackberry), only to find his belongings still there. "Should I turn your bed down for you, sir...?" asked Garikayii, removing the suitcase from the bed so Manning could lie down. "That's not necessary..." said the older white man, pouring himself another glass of champagne to wind down. Garikayii ignored Manning's last statement, as he began putting the man's suits away for him in the closet, aligning his shoes at the foot of the bed. Afterwards, Garikayii turned down the bed, pulling back the sheets and comforter so Manning could slip into bed easier. "Thank you, again..." said Manning, walking over to the nightstand to retrieve his wallet. Reaching in, he pulled out another $20, then handed it to the attendant. Garikayii took the money graciously... "If there's ever anything else you need me to do, sir..." said the grateful servant, looking down at Manning's cock... "...perhaps a massage...or...something else...?" Manning noticed Garikayii staring at his low hanging cock and balls as he raised the champagne glass to his lips, and felt his cock begin to stir. Indeed it had been awhile since his manhood had seen any action of any kind..., --but Manning quickly dismissed the idea, having not messed with another man since his college years! ""No..." said the older man, "...I'm sure you have many guests besides me to cater to...!" "I do not mind, sir..." smiled Garikayii, "...it is my pleasure to service you!" he said promptly. Manning couldn't help but notice how white the black man's teeth were against his naturally dark skin... "If only everyone was content with their jobs..." said Manning to himself, thinking of his ex-wife. "Sir...?" asked Garikayii, confused. "Nothing." answered Manning, retracting what he said. Garikayii thought he noticed the white man's cock starting to thicken before Manning turned his back to hide his crotch. "Would sir like for me to arrange a female escort for the evening...?" asked Gari, trying to be helpful. "Discreetly of course...!" he added. "No..., no..." declined Manning, his cock rising to full arousal at the thought. "...I really need to get some sleep..., after all this IS a business trip, not pleasure!" he reminded... "I understand, sir..." said Garikayii. "...perhaps a massage will help you to relax...?" he offered. "I could perform it myself..., that way I could slip out once you are asleep..." Manning thought about it for a moment..., a massage could definitely help him to relax after a tense flight... "A massage sounds like just what the doctor ordered...!" agreed Manning, yawning as Garikayii rushed into the bathroom to grab the extra towels. Placing the towels down vertically on top of the bed, he suggested Manning lie down, then proceeded to kick off his own shoes and roll up his sleeves as he climbed onto the bed, straddling Manning's legs... Manning thought the straddling was a bit unorthodox, but he understood the massage was impromptu, and Garikayii had to work with the items at hand. He lay silently as the young African began to knead and massage his back, putting his weight behind the pressure... "That feels...pretty good...!" said Manning, surprised. "So you give massages too...?" "I am well equipped to handle ANY job sir may demand of me!" said Garikayii, confidently. "I like that...!" laughed Manning, feeling his bones crack (in a good way). Garikayii used different methods of massage to work Manning over, using his fingers along the shoulders and neck, the heel of his palm (coupled with the strength of his weight) to add pressure to Manning's upper back and shoulder blades, and finally his knuckles along the lower back to relieve stress and strain. Manning moaned softly as Garikayii worked his magic. Garikayii thought Manning's moans sounded erotic (like a man getting his cock sucked). He could feel his own cock starting to stiffen in his pants. Fearing Manning might feel it, he climbed off the older man and asked him to roll over onto his back. Manning hesitated, but complied as ordered as he slowly (carefully) rolled over, staying on the towels. Garikayii smiled broadly when he saw the huge hard white cock sticking up from Manning's crotch... "uh..., sorry about that..." said Manning, embarrassed. "...I always get aroused during massages...!" he explained. "No problem..." said Garikayii, kneeling beside Manning. "...we are all MEN here...!" "Yes..., we ARE!" smiled Manning, happy to know Garikayii understood men sometimes had no control over when an embarrassing erection might spring up. Garikayii tried continuing with the massage despite the enormous erection standing in front of him, but he couldn't stop Nn Preteens staring at it as it started to throb and leak pre-cum... "Are you SURE you wouldn't like me to arrange an lady escort...?" asked Garikayii, certain a woman could help relieve Manning's mood. "No..." insisted Manning, "...I've had enough run-ins with women lately..." he sighed, referring to his soon to be ex-wife and her female lawyer. "I see..." said Garikayii, swallowing hard. "...then perhaps sir would like ME to take care of the problem for him...?" he asked...? Manning popped open one eye as he stared up at the African... "What do you have in mind?" he asked, unsure... "I know of some, uh..., massage techniques which might help it to relax..." offered Garikayii, discreetly... "Techniques...?" asked Manning suspiciously, staring up into Garikayii's face. Was the kid offering what he THOUGHT the kid was offering...? �wondered Manning. "Okay..." he said, giving in to wonder. "...give it your best shot!" he offered, resting his head back into the pillows. Garikayii gripped the big white erection in his large African hand, squeezing the shaft and feeling the heat burn into his palm as he slowly stroked the cock back and forth. More pre-cum appeared at the tip, forming a moist sticky pearly dew drop which started to drool down over the fat bulbous head like a single teardrop. Garikayii licked his lips, dreaming about how much money sucking the white man's big cock could award him? Leaning forward, he curiously licked Nn Preteens the cum drop from the tip, tasting the Caucasian's semen. Manning stifled a moan as he looked down over his chest to watch the African eat his tasty dewdrop... "I haven't had head from another man since I was a teenager...!" announced Manning, his cock straining to enter Garikayii's mouth. "Have you sucked cock before...?" he asked, before getting his hopes up that Garikayii might be a cock master. Garikayii paused as he turned his head to look up at Manning... "Yes..." he said, much to Manning's surprise. "...when I was younger, solders would tear through my small village and demand women and money...! If we had none to give, they could gather up all the young boys from the village and force us to suck them off...! I have sucked quite a few solders...!" recalled Garikayii, revealing his painful past. "Wow..." said Manning, strangely excited by the story as his cock pulsed in Gari's hand. "...suck my cock, now...! I'm very close to coming...!" he demanded, reaching up to force Garikayii's head down onto his tool. Garikayii allowed the white man to guide his head down into his lap as he stretched open his mouth to fit the cock inside. Wrapping his thick dark lips about the hot white shaft, he began sucking, bobbing his head up and down. "Oh yeah..." moaned Manning, feeling the warm mouth envelop him. "...suck that cock...! Yeah..., --suck it! Work those thick lips on my shaft...!" he insisted, using his hand on the back of Gari's head to help guide the pace of his bob. Garikayii didn't mind being forced to suck. In fact, feeling the powerful white man take control of the situation helped save Garikayii's manhood by allowing him to say Manning MADE HIM suck his cock. He bobbed his head up and down, feeling the strong white dick move between his lips, the bulbous head reaching further and further toward the back of his mouth with every stroke. "Can you deep throat...?" inquired Manning, wanting to feel his cock in the man's throat. Garikayii groaned some inaudible word which Manning didn't even bother to try to make out. He simply gripped the back of the black man's neck tighter, then forced his head down further into his lap. Garikayii gagged as the cockhead touched into the start of his throat. He struggled to regain some control, but Manning was too powerful and determined to get what he wanted as he forced Garikayii to go deeper. Garikayii could feel the fat round cockhead punching throat his throat ring, forcing past throat muscles to bury within the tight confides of his neck. Scrunching his face in painful expression, Garikayii allowed Manning to abuse him, as his big powerful white cock broke through the neck muscles to punch deep into the roomy throat. Manning didn't stop his downward descent until he had Gari's wide nose buried in his pubic bush. "ahhh..." sighed Manning, finally achieving success as he smashed Gari's face in his groin, churning his cock about in the warm tight throat. Garikayii's body jerked several times, trying to repel the invader cutting off his air supply. Manning finally relaxed his hole, allowing Gari to lift up off his swollen manhood and gulp down some much needed air before forcing his face back down into his groin. "Oh fuck that feels good...!" shouted Manning, working Gari's head up and down as he fucked the throat. Garikayii could feel his throat muscles adjusting to the plunging invader with each new stroke, his body becoming accustomed to the fucking. He could feel the entire length of Manning's 9" cock breaking through his throat ring to bury in his ballooning neck. He was just started to get used to it when Manning suddenly forced his face all the way down into his pubes... "awww fuck..., HERE IT COMES...!" groaned Manning, tightening his grip to hold Garikayii in place as his cock suddenly swelled, throbbed, then started pulsing thick rich gobs of warm milky sperm straight down the back of Gari's contracting throat. Garikayii felt the first few spurts of cum shoot from Manning's pulsating manhood, firing hotly down into the back of his throat like streamers. "OOooooh god...!" groaned Manning, falling back onto the bed exhausted. Once his grip relaxed, Garikayii was free to lift his head off the coming cock. Instead, he merely retreated up to the head, allowing the rest of Manning's sizable load to empty off into his mouth, coating his tongue in thick white cream. Garikayi stroked and massaged the cock until he stopped shooting, slowly shrinking back down to normal size. Once the cock fell over dead, Garikayii lifted his head and swallowed, consuming what was left of Manning's seed. "Damn..., that was great...!" sighed the older white man, feeling sleepier than before as he reached over for his wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill... "Thank you...!!" grinned Garikayii (his eyes lighting up like high beams), wondering if there was more where this came from...? "Just remember..., I still need that 5pm wake up call..., --now more than ever!" smiled Manning, shaking Garikayii's hand. "Yes sir..., 5pm sir..., and not a moment later...!" agreed Garikayii, enthusiastically. Manning rolled over onto his side as Garikayii pulled the covers up over him, then quietly made his way to the bedroom door, closing it to insure quiet from the main hall. Tucking his money into his pocket, he put the `do not disturb' sign on the doorknob to keep the maid from waking his favorite customer. Indeed he would be the one to awaken Manning at the appointed time, assuring himself another pricey tip. Perhaps he could give the older gentleman another blow job, earning him another hundred...? Whatever he had to do, Garikayii was determined to it, hoping to clean out the white American's wallet before he left for his plane at the airport on Sunday morning...! _________________________ Written by NPhillydoggaol.com Please do not copy!!!!
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